The process of a new song

Some come up with an idea, make a roughly recording of it and present it to the band. Bandmembers can give their inputs, and when the structure is right, the song will come to a pre-rehearsal without any lyrics. In this state the band (when playing the song) can feel what is right and wrong, and elements will might get added or removed. If it does not feel right to play in theory it can be dropped too (we have not had any of these yet), but when it seem right Michael will then work on some lyrics for the next rehearsal - where all bandmembers are curious to hear - what the man has created. This is often the way it works, but of course all band members can have some lyrics for a song too, or have an idea of how it will be sung to inspire Michael.

Facts about some tracks on the album "Shotgun woman"


On the orignial songs "LA USA" and "SUMMERTIME" Morten Emcken was the guitarist. He laid the ground for the solos, and for the new recording Tue kept some of his ideas on these solos, and is therefore playing good old stuff coming from Morten.


From the hand of Søren this was first entitled "Sleezy", but when the lyric was done the final titel became "Life sucks".

Acually it is Søren himself playing the guitarsolo in one part of the song (from 2:46 - 3:06) before Gert takes over.

In the few rehearsals the band had, a very few adjustments were added to the song, and the band practised without any solo parts. But for this specific part, some meant it might would get more listen-friendly if a solo was added. After this Tue had to work out this solo part, and do it as well as Søren.


Gert came up with this song, which first was entitled "Never surrender". But again, you can come up with a titel, but it is not sure that it will stick to the song, however the song ended up being called "Stray dogs" yet the words "Never surrender" found its way into the song too. This is bye the way the only song on the EP where Tue does not have any solo-part.


When it comes to cover and titlesong everything was open, and nothing was planned for this even after the recording in Ark Studio. In the mixing period idears were discussed (what song would be best suitable for a cover etc). Afther a few upcoming ideas from the bandmembers, Tue sat down and did a pre-cover in photoshop including a woman in a bar with the band in background. All accepted the vision and this was the start of casting the shotgun woman and finding location for the photoshoot so their skilled photographer (Anette Wolfsen) could bring it all together. The photoshooting was done in May 2020 and the design of cover and bookelt is made by Søren Jensen.

If you wonder where you have seen our "shotgun woman" before, she's been in the tv commercials for Danish health Authority