In the late eighties where MTV was painting cool images for music on TV and many great bands came along, the guys that would become Bad Business were sucking it all up.

Heavily inspired from a long list of bands and music styles, the guys in Bad Business got the idea to start a band and become a piece of the action - How hard could that be?    

From 1988 to 1994 Bad Business was active in two different line ups where the band created nearly 50 songs, and used all the time and money available to reach for their passion of being a bunch of young dudes in a cool rock band. Considering that the times for writing and releasing music was different back in the day, Bad Business managed to create a band, evolve and record songs and create a bit of an image for themselves which resulted in some remarkable gigs and performances.  

It all peaked in 1994 with the making of a four-track demo CD featuring the legendary bass player Pete Way from the famous UK classic rock band UFO. Back then it was an absolute thrill for the band to make music with such a personality, playing his legendary Thunderbird bass on original Bad Business songs in the band's own studio.  Mr. Way was not paid to do this, he was there because he liked the band and the songs.


Despite six years of relentless efforts in “trying to make it”, Bad Business ran out of fuel by the end of 1994. They tried to reform the band with suitable players to continue the music, but they failed that mission and realized that it was not possible to continue the band at the time.


Years went on, but friendships remained and in 2014 a small attempt to play a few songs was made but that did not lead to anything useable.


It remained “unfinished business” until the beginning of 2016, where the time came to bring the band back on track. Initiated by core members from the band’s history, the “Return of Bad Business” took off.

Four out of five original members were good to go, but there was an open drummer seat to be taken.

A little asking around was needed and the first guy approached was quick to say “Well, I can give it a try” – and so the third incarnation of the Bad Business line up was a reality.


In the beginning of 2018 the band started working on the album that you’re now holding, containing songs, meant to have been released in the past. They named the album “Last Call for Rock'n'Roll” as a statement for “It's never too late to chase your dreams or a good time”.


Hopefully our efforts in making this album will bring good times to you as a listener, in which case we'd like to think that we've finally achieved our goal.

We've all grown older but there is no surrender to age - we insist to keep on rocking!


Enjoy the ride // Bad Business

Michael Mortensen

Lead vocals

Gert Christensen


Søren Jensen


Morten Emcken


Tue Bendtsen